It does not bode well for my career as a blogger that other people are apparently paying more attention to my blog than I am.


As one of my friends pointed out once, it seems a little absurd to apologize for not writing what nobody is obligated to read, or perhaps even desires to read; and especially absurd to assume the arrogance of thinking that anyone would desire to read it greatly enough to merit an apology for its not being written.


However, when someone clearly states a time at which something will begin to be written again, and then fails to follow through on it, perhaps it constitutes a moral ground for a categorical apology, whether anyone reads it or not.  I would therefore like to offer a categorical apology, especially to Monica and Maxim, who apparently read this blog more than I; and to make thin and watery excuses about being tied up by schoolwork, and grubbing around in classical economics, and suffering the mundane but curiously distracting affairs of life.

There’s a post on Goldberry forthcoming, and after that, hopefully some stuff on evil.